Google Business Profile vs. Google+ Pages: Navigating Online Presence

In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing and business promotion, Google has played a pivotal role in providing platforms for companies to establish their digital presence. Two such platforms are Google Business Profiles and Google+ Pages. While both aim to enhance a business’s visibility and engagement, they cater to different eras of digital marketing strategies. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between these two platforms, their features, benefits, and ultimately, which one holds more relevance in the current digital sphere.

Google Business Profile: A Snapshot of Your Enterprise

A Google Business Profile is a powerful tool that allows businesses to showcase essential information such as their name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and customer reviews. These profiles appear in Google Search and Google Maps, making it easier for potential customers to find accurate information when searching for local services or products. Optimizing your Business Profile can significantly impact your local SEO rankings and help you connect with nearby customers.

Google Business Profile

Google+ Pages: The Social Network That Was

Google+ Pages, on the other hand, were a part of Google’s social networking platform, Google+. However, Google+ was officially shut down in 2019 due to various reasons, including low user engagement and security concerns. Google+ Pages allowed businesses to create social profiles and interact with followers through posts, events, and communities. These pages were intended to be a blend of social networking and business promotion, but their discontinuation marked a shift in Google’s strategy.

Key Differences Between Google Business Profiles and Google+ Pages

Key Differences Between Google Business Profiles and Google+ Pages
  1. Purpose and Functionality:

   Google Business Profiles focus on providing accurate business information and reviews to help customers find and contact your business easily. Google+ Pages aimed at fostering engagement and community-building by allowing businesses to share content, connect with followers, and participate in discussions.

  1. Visibility:

   Google Business Profiles are designed to appear in search results and Google Maps, catering directly to user queries for local services. Google+ Pages were part of a broader social network and had their own community-oriented interface.

  1. Engagement and Interaction:

   Google Business Profiles prioritize customer reviews and direct communication through phone calls and messages. Google+ Pages emphasized content sharing and interaction within the platform, similar to other social networks.

  1. Local SEO Impact:

   Optimizing your Google Business Profile can have a substantial impact on local SEO, as it directly influences local search rankings. Google+ Pages, while they existed, did not directly contribute to local search visibility in the same way.

Google Business Profile
  1. Current Relevance:

   Google Business Profiles continue to be relevant and essential for businesses aiming to establish a strong local online presence. Google+ Pages are no longer available due to the discontinuation of Google+.

Which One Is More Relevant Today?

Given the evolution of digital marketing trends and the discontinuation of Google+, the clear winner in terms of relevance is the Google Business Profile. In an age where consumers turn to search engines for quick and accurate information, having a well-optimized Business Profile can make all the difference. Appearing in local search results and Google Maps ensures that your business reaches its intended audience when they need your products or services the most.

Google Business Profile


FAQ 1: Can I still create a Google+ Page for my business?

No, Google+ Pages are no longer available for creation, as Google+ itself was shut down in 2019. However, you can create and manage a Google Business Profile to enhance your online visibility.

FAQ 2: Are Google Business Profiles free to use?

Yes, Google Business Profiles are free to create and manage. Google provides this platform to help businesses establish an online presence and connect with customers.

FAQ 3: What benefits do Google Business Profiles offer for local businesses?

Google Business Profiles significantly enhance local SEO by providing accurate information to users searching for nearby services. They also allow businesses to manage customer reviews and engage directly with potential customers.

FAQ 4: Can I still access the content on my old Google+ Page?

Google+ and its associated content have been completely shut down. Any content that was previously on Google+ Pages is no longer accessible.

FAQ 5: How can I optimize my Google Business Profile for better results?

To optimize your Google Business Profile, ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Encourage customers to leave reviews, respond promptly to customer inquiries, and use relevant keywords in your profile description.


In conclusion, the era of Google+ Pages has come to an end, giving rise to the continued prominence of Google Business Profiles. By focusing on your Business Profile, you can strengthen your online presence, improve local search visibility, and effectively connect with your target audience. Embrace the power of Google’s tools to ensure that your business thrives in the digital age. Visit us For Better Understanding .

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